Hello there! I'm Kasey! I'm a Mom to two babes named Aubree and Autumn. I started behind the chair in 2012 and i discovered early on in my career i wanted to work for myself and to specialize in dimensional color and blondes.

I've also incorporated extensions into my services and specialties and have been in love with all the great benefits extensions offer to each individual guest!

I have trained with multiple industry leading artists and I'm currently certified in 4 different methods for beaded weft extensions. Color matching extensions to a guests hair is by far the most exciting part!

Nothing is more satisfying to me then adding different colors and lengths of wefts to give the hair dimension, length, and volume all while using little to no cutting or color.

I have always been very motivated and Persistent with continuing my education so I can stay up to date on todays techniques and trends. During a consultation with me I want to know as much about your hair as possible. I wanna know what you love about your hair what you hair goals are and what your budget is. I am always trans parent with my guests and will always tell you my professional opinion to help you achieve your vision. I love to over deliver and give you the picture perfect results you have always deserved!

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