Maven & Mane Extensions


Smooth Shiny hair sourced from one single person. No mixed hair in any weft.


Can be cut anywhere on
the seam with ZERO shedding.


Pre-rooted and balayaged with plant based dyes!

Our Roots

Maven & Mane offers luxury micro wefts that are Ethically sourced from Eastern Europe. 
Our hair is full cuticle intact & single donor. This means Single donor and cuticle intact hair extensions offer several benefits over other types of hair extensions.
Single donor hair extensions are made from hair sourced from one person, ensuring consistency in texture and quality. This means that the hair extensions will blend seamlessly with the natural hair, creating a natural and realistic look.
Cuticle intact hair extensions retain the outer layer of the hair shaft, which protects the hair from damage and keeps it smooth and shiny. This also means that the hair extensions will last longer and require less maintenance.
Overall, single donor and cuticle intact hair extensions provide a higher quality and more natural-looking option for those looking to add length and volume to their hair.

Our Offer

+ The Lengths we offer are:
  • 21 inch.
  • 25 inch.
+ With these two lengths you are able to provide your clients the exact length they are looking for even throughout routine trimming.
+ Each pack will include two pre cut wefts that are 12" wide. Hybrid wefts have the ability to be cut anywhere on the seam with ZERO SHEDDING!
+ We offer higher gram weights per weft which allows your clients to wear fewer wefts per row.
+ Double drawn, same thickness from seam to ends.
+ The Quality is unmatched. Our wefts have no return hair & lay flatter and more comfortable than any other type of wefts! 
+ Available in 18 custom shades, pre rooted, solids & piano for custom rooting. All of our seams are now dark to help create that perfect blend!
+ By offering two wefts per pack you can mix and match colors to create a seamless natural blend.
+ Stylist Exclusive, Apply for access to View hair & Pricing.

Maven & Mane