Our Story:

Meet the Founder: Kasey Yvonne Kasey is a wife and a mom to two beautiful little girls who are her true “why”. She created Maven and Mane Extensions because of her past experiences with several other brands of extensions. She experienced tangling, color fading, breakage, ends being too thin, gram weights not being enough resulting to ordering a lot more wefts in one color than necessary with no option to order different colors to get a multi-dimensional blend. 

In 2020, Kasey began working exclusively with an extension brand and introduced her idea for a new weft that hadn’t even hit the market yet. The companies words were, “Great idea, but we can’t do it.” She then let the idea go until a year later this same company launched hybrid wefts, the exact idea Kasey pitched them. Through her frustrations & feelings of betrayal she began her search again to find a company who would create exactly whah she envisioned. She ordered samples and began the process of elimination by taking them to the ocean with salt water, sand, the window to air dry, etc. She shampooed them with only clarifying shampoos with no conditioners, blow dried & tried it again and again.

The lowest cost of hair fell apart, the middle cost was okay but still not great and the most expensive was still in great condition and felt like natural hair. The quality spoke for itself. Kasey then tested the hair on her client who played beach volleyball everyday, shampooed everyday and styled her extensions every single day. She was amazed that the results after month 4 looked like an initial install and the condition was perfect. 

Kasey & her manufacturer began working on the gram weights, lengths, and colors until everything was perfect. She received her first batch of orders and cried tears of joy because she finally has a product she feels confident installing into a clients hair without the issues she dealt with before. She is so excited for stylists to feel the same confidence she does with Maven and Mane Extensions!