Light strands FAQ

How long do they last? 

Light strands lasts approximately 4-6 weeks before they will need a refill.


Does the hair shed?

The hair can shed away over time. The hair is held onto the natural hair with an adhesive, some strands that are not fully coated with the adhesive may shed away sooner then others.


Can you swim with Light strands installed? 

It is not recommended, however if you do swim, we recommend drying the area where the bonds are immediately to avoid premature shedding. Make sure to use medium heat when drying.


Where are Light Strands Placed in the hair?

They can be placed around the hair line, the crown, and the nape of the neck! You can also use Light strands to add in highlights, 


Does light strands replace SBW? 

We don’t use light strands as a stand along technique. We use Light strands in addition to SBW to enhance your clients install even MORE!


Can my client blow-dry and use an iron after application?

YES! It’s important to show your clients where the bonds are and to try and keep as much heat off of the bond as possible. 


Can my client brush their hair like normal? 

Yes, however never use a comb at the root with any extension application, using a proper extension brush is important,  Be sure to glide over the bonds instead of brushing right over them to prevent the teeth of the brush getting snagged on the extensions.


How Is it removed?

Light strands is removed with a special tool to warm up and loosen the bonds and then they slide right out. The Residue remover is used to remove any left over adhesive in the hair before reapplying. 


Who Is not a candidate for Light Strands?

Light strands is not recommended for someone who has any of the following 

Conditions on their scalp where the light with be used.



-unhealed scars


-fungal infections




-skin cancer

-infectious or inflammatory skin conditions 


People with


-polymorphous light dermatitis


-Radiation or chemo therapy



Or using any photosensitizing medication such as


-system dermatics



If your client is pregnant, have her consult with a Dr prior to appointment.


Can I change the light bulb in my light?

No, the light is integrated and cannot be replaced, however don’t worry! Your light can last up to 30,000 hours!


Is the glue safe?

Yes as long as It is used correctly, do not apply to skin or eyelashes. It is intended of hair extensions only.


Is the system safe?

This technique has been tested and is safe as long as it is being used properly. 


How should the glue be stored?

The glue should be stored in a cool dry place away from UV lights. This product should not be refrigerated 


Does this technique work with all hair types? 

Yes ! 


What is the shelf life of the adhesive?

When it is stored in a cool dry place as directed, it will last 1 year unopened and  opened but closed tightly after every use, 6 months.


Can the light damage the eyes?

Do not point the light directly in your eyes or the clients eyes. The light comes with a protective shield to allow the stylist to look at the section of hair without hurting the eyes. 


What is the average time It takes to apply?

It takes approximately 1 min to prep and apply 1 light strand onto the natural hair.


Is the led light safe for my client scalp?

Yes. The light turns on for approximately 8 seconds and turns off automatically. The light would be harmful if if was placed on the same spot and turned on for an extended people of time repeatedly.   As long as there is a protective shield in place before using the light, you are protecting your clients scalp. 


Can my client use a serum or oils?

Yes! Just make sure to stay away from the bond.